Talent scout

We are always looking for new colleagues to join our Alviso team. For all the top clients we are working with we need to have a rich base of talent scouts who create a network of candidates, information and who link them to appropriate projects.

How do you know you want to become Alviso talent scout?

Enjoy searching and analysing
Looking for amazing colleagues
Love talking and calling and emailing
You want to build relationship with top clients

What it really means


Step 1 - hunt

for suitable candidates
for the given project


Step 2 - cooperate with recruiter

and address
selected candidates


Step 3 - cooperate with candidate

ideally up
to his dream job

If you are interested and you want to try it, or you are already trying elsewhere and you want to try it with us, feel free to get in touch with Hanka at her email hana.kopecka@alviso.cz or phone +420 605 475 291.