Build - Operate - Transfer

How do you know you need B-O-T?

Scale NOW
Too tough competition for top talents in your HQ location
Dependency on vendors is over the tolerable limit
Expanding in your current location is too expensive
Healthy geographical diversification of teams is needed
Missing partner for growth

How it works

Build Operate Transfer allows you to fully concentrate on your business, while we make sure that the setup of your new subsidiary is absolutely smooth.

We will set up a white label entity and create the workplace for your new colleagues so that they feel part of your company from day one. You define the hiring needs and we make them happen. You have full visibility into the operational and financial aspects and if desired also right for audit. Of course, we enforce the implementation of your company rules and meet your security requirements. With the transit you acquire an autonomous and fully operational team that has already been working with you and your company for a certain time.

Our success is solely dependent on the success of the newly established team.


  • Clear definition of your needs
  • Design of the all-in-one solution
  • White label of your company
  • Setting-up of the workspace for the new team
  • Recruiting the right talents & Setting up the team according to your needs
  • Scalable approach
  • Management of all the local specifics (legal aspects, finance, labor code and employment standards, ...)
  • HR, onboarding


  • We work according to the HQ standards with all aspects (office design and layout, team’s daily routine, meeting security standards)
  • Dealing with the day-to-day operations
  • The team starts working on your project from day one. They are integral part of your team
  • Full visibility into operations and financial flows
  • Implementation of your internal policies
  • Meet your security requirements


  • You acquire fully operational team of targeted size and maturity
  • Terms and conditions of the transition clearly defined
  • Handover of the entity