We are always looking for new colleagues to join our Alviso team. For all our amazing clients we need to have a strong team of Recruitment consultants who cooperate very closely with them. As a recruiter you need to know your clients be it companies or candidates really well and understand their challenges, priorities and goals. Through that and long term relationships focus you deliver a WIN WIN solutions to both clients and candidates.

How do you know you want to become Alviso recruiter?

You understand the whole picture
not just JD and keywords
You enjoy communication
& consulting
You love demanding job (easy ones do not come to Alviso)
You want to build relationship
with top clients
How we work

Step 1 - understanding of client's needs

  • You will closely cooperate with the hiring manager, current team into which you recruit and the HR team
  • You need to get a full picture of the job as well as the project/product the new colleague will focus on
  • You will understand the use of all of the latest technologies, learn about their benefits and understand how they work together in a given company. Words such as AI, Cybersecurity, Fullstack, Lambda are your daily vocabulary

Step 2 - talent scouting

  • You will search for the most suitable candidates, using all available channels; not only all social media platforms and databases, but also you will have to leave your comfort zone and take active part in various meet-ups and events
  • You will prepare long lists, short lists as well as more complex market intelligence reports. You will validate these with hiring managers and client´s HR teams
  • You will be constantly on a call or interview working with candidates on their career goals and passions. Together you will form a career strategy they can follow

Step 3 - offer management consulting

  • Project presented only to short listed candidates
  • With utmost personal approach we convert maximum number of short listed candidates into interviews
  • Our recruiter participates in all interviews and provides candidates with guidance and yourself with feedback

Step 4 - Stay in touch

  • You will be in touch with the candidate prior to the contract signature, prior the first day at work, before the end of the trial period, after the end of the trial period
  • You will nurture your network of candidate contacts with birthday wishes, work anniversaries, etc.

If you are interested and you want to try it, or you are already trying elsewhere and you want to try it with us, feel free to get in touch with Hanka at her email or phone +420 605 475 291.